Best PGA Betting Sites in the USA | Bet on Golf Online (2024)

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    Top Rated Sportsbook
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Ready to start betting on PGA Tour but not sure where to start? This article cuts straight to the chase, providing essential information on navigating betting on PGA Tour, from placing your first bet to understanding betting odds. We’ll guide you through choosing trustworthy platforms and share strategic insights for smarter wagers, all without the fluff.

Key Takeaways

  • Beginners to PGA Tour betting should start with understanding golf bets and prioritize regulated and legal betting platforms, focusing also on safety and accessibility.
  • Understanding different types of golf betting odds, including American, decimal, and fractional, and seeking out the best odds across various bookmakers is essential for placing strategic and potentially profitable bets.
  • Diverse PGA Tour betting markets offer various wagering opportunities, while incorporating betting strategies and considering factors like course history, player form, and live betting can enhance the betting experience.

Getting Started with PGA Tour Betting

While the world of PGA Tour betting may initially appear intimidating, this complexity is part of what makes it uniquely appealing. Similar to perfecting a golf swing, it calls for strategy, practice, patience, and a step-by-step approach. Start with the basics, acquaint yourself with the dynamics of golf bets, and slowly but surely, you’ll learn to master the intricacies involved,.

Prioritize safety when making golf wagers. Always opt for regulated golf betting sites to ensure fair play and secure transactions. Remember, the legal age for betting on golf online is generally 21, though in certain states it can be 18. Therefore, familiarize yourself with your state’s gambling laws before you dive into this exhilarating venture.

Top Golf Betting Sites in 2024

The first step in your PGA Tour betting journey is selecting the appropriate platform. The year 2024 brings with it a plethora of top-rated sportsbooks offering comprehensive coverage and betting options on the PGA Tour. Among these, the top platforms to consider are:

  • BetUS
  • Bovada
  • MyBookie
  • BetOnline
  • BetNow
  • SportsBetting
  • EveryGame

These platforms stand out in the crowd and provide excellent options for PGA Tour betting.

These platforms are the best golf betting sites, offering bettors a wide range of betting opportunities, competitive odds, and a user-friendly experience. Whether you’re eagerly waiting for a swing at Augusta National Golf Club, Valhalla Golf Club, or the final putt at Royal Troon, these platforms place you at the center of all the action.

Choosing the Right Golf Betting Site

Selecting the right golf betting site is like choosing the correct club for a shot – it can significantly impact your performance. Start by verifying the availability of the site in your location to ensure it’s legal and accessible for wagering. Next, consider the speed and efficiency of deposits and withdrawals. After all, a smooth betting experience and quick access to winnings are part of the thrill.

Customer support is another crucial factor. A strong customer support structure typically includes 24/7 live chat, detailed FAQs, and readily available assistance through email and social media. Ensure to wager on a platform that meets these criteria when you’re ready to bet on the upcoming golf tournament.

Setting Up an Account

After selecting your ideal golf betting site, the next step is to create an account. This is usually a straightforward process that can be completed in a few minutes. While you’re only allowed one account per legal online sportsbook, setting up accounts at multiple sportsbooks is permitted, giving you the flexibility to choose the best odds for each bet.

Before you dive into the world of PGA Tour betting, take a moment to read through the terms and conditions of any sportsbook promotions. This way, you’ll be aware of any requirements and restrictions associated with bonus bets and take full advantage of these opportunities.

Understanding Golf Betting Odds

Understanding betting odds is as crucial for a bettor as comprehending wind direction is for a golfer. Golf betting odds can be presented in different formats: American, decimal, and fractional.

In American odds, a plus or minus sign indicates whether you can profit more than a $100 wager (+) or need to bet more than $100 to win $100 (-). For instance, a value such as +600 signifies a potential return of $600 on a $100 bet, while -150 requires a $150 bet to win $100. Comprehending these formats enables you to place intelligent bets, thus maximizing your potential earnings.

Types of Golf Odds

Golf odds aren’t just about predicting the tournament winner. They offer a wealth of opportunities to make specific and strategic wagers. Let’s start with outright winner bets. These are presented in ‘moneyline’ style, showing potential payouts on a $100 wager.

Then we have head-to-head matchup odds. These involve betting on one golfer to perform better than another during a specific event or round. But it doesn’t stop there. Prop bets offer odds on miscellaneous outcomes, such as whether there will be a hole-in-one, the number of top-10 finishes, or specific achievements by a player. In the world of golf odds, the possibilities are as vast as a fairway.

Finding the Best Golf Odds

After getting a grasp on different types of golf odds, your next move should be to seek the most advantageous ones. Just like a golfer surveys the course before a tournament, an astute bettor explores multiple sportsbooks to find the most competitive odds.

Expert bettors advocate using a variety of sportsbooks to shop for the best line, leading to more favorable odds for the same tournament winner bet. The primary benefit of online sports betting on golf online is the ability to find the most competitive price and odds, enhancing the betting value.

The aim is to strategize effectively to optimize your potential earnings.

Much like a golf course that’s filled with varied landscapes – from fairways and roughs to sand bunkers and water hazards – the PGA Tour betting scene offers a wide range of markets. The major betting markets available for PGA Tour events include outright winner bets, head-to-head matchups, and a variety of prop bets.

The markets extend beyond simple win/place outcomes to include:

  • Matchups
  • Round finishing positions
  • Nationality props
  • Hole-in-one props
  • Over/under props
  • In-play bets

This diversity allows you to explore different betting strategies and maximize your enjoyment of the game.

Outright Winner Bets

The excitement that comes with accurately predicting the outright winner of a tournament is second to none. These bets focus on selecting the overall winner of the tournament. The odds for outright winner bets in PGA Tour events can be high, even for favorites, leading to considerable payouts for successful wagers.

Factors such as a golfer’s reputation and popularity can influence outright winner odds. But often, it’s the golfers from countries with fewer representatives who present value with their longer odds. It’s all about finding that perfect swing in the betting market!

Head-to-Head Matchups

If one-on-one competition appeals to you, head-to-head matchups in PGA Tour betting could be your thing. These bets involve wagering on which of two golfers will score better in a specific tournament or round.

Sportsbooks create these head-to-head battles by matching players with similar odds against each other for the duration of the tournament or a particular round. Some golf betting sites even have a dedicated section for proposing and facilitating head-to-head matchup bets. It’s like having a mini-tournament within the tournament!

Prop Bets

For a fun and varied betting experience on PGA Tour events, turn to prop bets. Prop bets allow you to go beyond predicting the outright winner and place bets on various individual and event-specific outcomes.

Popular prop bets in golf include:

  • Predicting whether a hole-in-one will occur during a tournament
  • Wagering on whether a player will finish within the top 10
  • Betting on the over/under scores for individual rounds or players

By evaluating and comparing odds for prop bets, you can find different value bets and make your PGA Tour betting experience even more enjoyable.

PGA Tour Betting Strategies

Now that we’ve covered the types of bets and odds, let’s delve into strategy. The key to success in PGA Tour betting lies in thorough research and understanding the extensive range of betting options. From analyzing player performance to considering weather conditions and utilizing in-play betting, there are numerous strategies to enhance your betting success.

Fading over-performing golfers, consistent betting patterns, and careful bet sizing can protect your bankroll during losing streaks and cold periods. Keep in mind, golf betting is not about scoring a hole-in-one with every wager; rather, it’s about consistently moving closer to your goal.

Course History and Player Form

Familiarity with the course and the players can significantly influence your success in PGA Tour betting. Some players are known as ‘horses for courses’ due to their consistent performance at specific courses. By focusing on these players with a strong history of performance at certain golf courses, you can improve your chances of success.

Staying informed about player injuries and news is also critical for assessing their current form and readiness for the event. Combine this knowledge of a player’s course history with their recent form, and you have a powerful tool to make more educated wagers.

Weather Conditions

Just as a golfer needs to consider wind direction and speed, so does a bettor. Before placing your bets, it’s important to check the weather forecast to choose players capable of managing the anticipated conditions.

An increase in wind speed can raise the golf scoring average, with a study showing a 0.1 stroke increase per round for every 1 mph rise in wind speed. And variations in tee times due to morning or afternoon sessions can result in significant score differentials because of fluctuating wind conditions throughout the day. So, keep an eye on the forecast and adjust your strategy accordingly.

In-Play Betting

In-play betting gives you the feeling of being right in the middle of the action, as if you’re inside the ropes. Live betting on PGA Tour events has rapidly grown in popularity, with top sportsbooks offering real-time odds and a variety of betting features.

Live betting markets can offer mispriced odds that may not fully consider variables like wind, creating unique betting opportunities. Whether you’re placing pre-tournament bets or making real-time performance predictions on individual holes, in-play betting enriches your PGA Tour betting experience.

Major PGA Tour Events for Betting

Golf Majors, also known as prestigious golf events, represent the apex of the sport and draw significant betting interest due to their high stakes. These tournaments, including:

  • The Masters
  • PGA Championship
  • U.S. Open
  • The Open Championship

Golf betting often involves futures bets where odds are offered on individual golfers to win, making it an exciting opportunity to bet on golf, especially during events like the CJ Cup Byron Nelson. With a variety of golf betting markets available, it’s easy to find the perfect wager for you.

The highlights of the golfing calendar are:

  • The Masters in April
  • The PGA Championship in May
  • The U.S. Open in June
  • The Open Championship in July

Betting on these major events is subject to specific rules, so it’s important to familiarize yourself with these before placing your bets.

Golf Betting Apps

With the advent of the digital age, golf betting has transitioned to mobile platforms. Golf betting apps offer significant advantages, such as convenience and innovative features like live betting and reward programs. Whether you’re on the move or lounging at home, these apps ensure you’re never far from the golf betting action.

Top sportsbooks like Bovada and BetUS offer highly dependable mobile apps that cater to golf bettors on the move,. These apps offer a variety of betting options as events unfold, making for a more engaging betting experience. It’s golf betting at your fingertips!

Responsible Gambling and PGA Tour Betting

Despite the thrill that comes with PGA Tour betting, it’s crucial to maintain responsible gambling habits. Here are some tips to help you do so:

  1. Always set clear financial limits for your betting activities.
  2. Never bet with money you don’t have.
  3. Remember, sports betting should be viewed as paid entertainment, with the understanding that making a profit is unlikely over the long term.

To practice responsible betting, follow these tips:

  • Avoid chasing losses
  • Refrain from betting under the influence to prevent impaired judgment
  • Seek help from specialized gambling addiction treatment providers, such as Birches Health, if you face challenges in controlling your gambling habits

Ultimately, responsible betting is the wisest wager you can place.


Betting on the PGA Tour can be an exciting way to enhance your enjoyment of golf. By understanding the basics of golf betting, familiarizing yourself with different types of odds and bets, and learning to use effective betting strategies, you can enhance your betting success.

Remember, the key to successful betting lies in making informed decisions, practicing responsible gambling, and always viewing betting as a form of entertainment. So, whether you’re betting on the Masters or the Open Championship, enjoy the thrill of the game. After all, every shot matters, both on the course and in the betting market.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start betting on the PGA Tour?

To start betting on the PGA Tour, understanding the basics of golf betting is essential. Choose a regulated golf betting site, set up an account, and familiarize yourself with different types of golf odds and bets. Always remember to practice responsible gambling and view betting as a form of entertainment.

What are the different types of golf odds?

Golf odds can be presented in American, decimal, or fractional formats, and are used in different types of bets like outright winner, head-to-head matchups, and prop bets. Consider these options when placing your bets.

Popular PGA Tour betting markets include outright winner bets, head-to-head matchups, and various prop bets, such as round finishing positions and nationality props. These markets offer a wide range of options beyond simple win/place outcomes.

How can I improve my PGA Tour betting success?

Improve your PGA Tour betting success by researching course history, recent player form, and weather conditions. Additionally, consider utilizing in-play betting. Always practice responsible gambling by setting clear financial limits.

What are the major PGA Tour events for betting?

The major PGA Tour events for betting are The Masters, PGA Championship, U.S. Open, and The Open Championship, and they attract significant betting interest. These events often involve futures bets with odds on individual golfers to win.